Lifefield Computers

Lifefield Computers is run by Steve Williamson who provides computer support services for businesses and individuals in the Clitheroe area.

Help is available for both PC and Mac computers.

Steve can remove viruses and malware infections, fix slow operating systems, sort printing issues and set up networks. He can troubleshoot any problems.

Training is available on all aspects of operating your computer and its applications.

Health and security check offer – only £30

I can come to your home or workplace and put your computers through a  health and security check.  This can result in your computer running faster, and the peace of mind in knowing that your system is free from malware.

Call today on 07564 240829 to book your health check.




Lifefield Computers is based in Waddington near Clitheroe. Its owner, Steve Williamson used to work for Time Computers in their technical support department.

Steve works with a number of local businesses as a computer consultant, including Melt Candles and Driveline Marketing.  He also supports   individuals and is available to troubleshoot when things go wrong.




Contact Lifefield computers at 07564 240829 or 01200 429460

Email: steve@lifefield.co.uk

Address: 24 Waddow Grove, Waddington, Clitheroe, Lance, BB7 3JL